Audit & Consultancy

We develop projects in the following phases:

Budget pre-projecting air conditioning system and/or complete air conditioning installation - formulation of an appropriate concept with costing for the formation of a budget for the site. For large sites or by prior agreement.

Conceptual design - based on the brief and a sample architecture. For design of routes and consideration of other engineering installations. For investment projects with co-design of architecture and engineering systems.

Technical HVAC project - development of an actual project. Working draft - Detailed design with specific equipment and facilities selected by the investor. Only for sites with a construction contract.

When designing systems, we use principles and systems that are well-established in practice. The accumulated practical experience in the construction and servicing of air conditioning and ventilation systems built by the company guarantees our customers the development of real usable HVAC projects.

Import & Distribution

Direct sales and service partner of:

LG air conditioner-Korea. Central air conditioning systems of direct evaporation type VRF, Multi split, industrial split air conditioners, Therma V domestic heat pumps.

MAXA air conditioning-Italy. Water-cooled chiller and heat pump units. Air handling units.

BPS clima–Italy. Fan coil units and chambers for air conditioning and heating.


We offer construction of air conditioning, heating, ventilation and other energy systems.

According to the specific characteristics of each particular site, we offer our customers the best solution. For customers in the initial design stage, we develop options for future system construction and budgeting according to predefined criteria and make recommendations on the best option with regard to initial investment, subsequent consumption, existing energy resources, etc.

We offer the construction of central air conditioning and heating systems using heat pump and chiller units, hot water boilers and/or a combination of both. Direct evaporative type VRV / VRF air conditioning systems with the highest efficiency , multi-split with the possibility of powering up to 9 units, professional series split air conditioners with indoor cassette type units, ducted and floor-wall installation.

Servicing & Repair

Servicing air conditioning and heating systems or equipment.

The service is valid only for systems with a contract for technical support, for systems built by Chill Commerce Ltd. or complete rehabilitation / repair of existing installations.

Repair of single units and complete air conditioning and heating systems. Preparation of written reasoned opinions.

We proudly guarantee high quality in all our services. At Chill Commerce we place great importance on the satisfaction we leave behind. To ensure a high standard of quality, we use only the latest methods and technology in all aspects of our work. Our specialists are highly skilled and well-trained professionals who care about every detail and strive for perfection.

Our team of professionals is always ready to respond to your inquiries and troubleshoot any problems that arise.